Growing up, I was taught to have the utmost honor and respect for family and elders, and in following two scriptures, “honor they father and mother” and “love they neighbor as thyself”. This has always inspired me to open my heart and hands, to help people in any way that I could.

Y.E.S. was created after many years of experience and concerns for our aging loved ones.  We not only provided long term care, but also searched out resources to help them and brighten their home life.  It was through these experiences, we realized how great and varied the need was for compassionate, honest and experienced care.  What we have brought to Y.E.S. is not only our experience and expertise, but our commitment, love and compassion – this is what we base every detail of our business on. At Y.E.S. we truly care!!

Our goal is to make a positive impact on our community by networking with various agencies, churches, community services, the medical community and businesses,  in providing quality and caring assistance to those in need.